Best Lessons of 2018

January 2, 2019



Have you taken some time to reflect on the successes, lessons and takeaways from 2018?


How has your year been?


I was thinking about the new year and initially thought, "hurry up 2019" - focusing on how much more I wanted to accomplish instead of expressing gratitude for all I've experienced and learned.


2017 was a year of extremes. I’d accomplished a big career goal and learned through experience what resilience and persistence truly meant. Talk about a high! My husband and I moved to my dream city (NYC!) so I could take on a new marketing role - one that no one had had before, and I just knew was meant for me!


Enter disruption.


Three months after relocating from Chattanooga, TN to New York, NY my mom's health unexpectedly declined and she passed. My world suddenly stopped and seemingly shattered right before my eyes. 2017 brought a whole new meaning to the word resilience and the amazing power of belief. I was so glad to welcome the new year.


2018 has been a year of clarity, purposeful living and growth – both personally and professionally. I’m grateful for the amazing people I’ve had the opportunity to work with this year and all the lessons I’ve learned!


Professionally & Personally I’m most proud of:

  • Exceeding my 2018 goals as a brand manager and being recognized for my innovative work as a digital marketer

  • Earning a promotion to relocate to my hometown of Nashville, TN to lead a sales team and seeing them continue to achieve outstanding results

  • Sharing my voice and being invited to speak to groups within my organization that I would’ve never been exposed to otherwise

  • Raising my hand to lead diversity and inclusions initiatives within my organization that truly fuel my people development passion

  • Expanding my speaker and coaching opportunities with STYLE by Britt to inspire collegiate to C-Suite leaders across various universities and companies to thrive in the workplace

  • Gaining clarity on how my professionally career, purpose and calling all intersect and how every obstacle has been necessary to help me serve others with greater impact

  • Seeing my husband elevate within his profession, serve on boards that fuel his passion and land his dream job

I believe that every experience is an opportunity for continuous improvement. As I continue to learn and grow, here are a few lessons from 2018 that I’ll be taking with me:

  1. Every obstacle I’ve encountered personally and professionally has shown me that I’m more equipped, capable, qualified and ready than I thought. It’s time to start believing BIGGER.

  2. Create the opportunities you want to see in the workplace. Sometimes our biggest obstacle is staring us back in the mirror.

  3. Beyond a vacation, spa appointment or salon visit, self-care is about learning to say no to experiences and even people that don’t align with your purpose and mission. Self-care is essential to serving where I'm meant to lead.

  4. Bringing my authentic self to work, every day, creates opportunities in alignment with who I am and where I thrive most. The more I’ve shared my love of speaking and professional development, the more opportunities I received – even within my organization.

  5. Vulnerability is strength and it creates trust, which is essential to thriving in relationships and business.

  6. Take the vacation. There will always be more to do, and if your leadership is creating more leaders there will be people on your team that can cover the gaps in your absence.

  7. Saying AND being told no makes room for your best YES! Rejection redirects, refines and refocuses us!

I hope you’ve also taken some time before the year is up to reflect on all that you have accomplished, experienced and most importantly learned this year! 


What are some of your big aha moments and lessons that you’re taking into 2019? Feel free to comment below!


Here's to turning the 2018 lessons into 2019 achievements!


Have a wonderful new year!

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