Assignment Over Opportunity

February 24, 2018



Ignore everything you could be doing and F O C U S on what you should be doing.



One of the many changes for me since the death of my mother nearly 8 months ago has been the shifts in my perspective and my participation. Her death challenges me in so many ways every single day; it has also broken up some ground I didn’t realize was dry rotting and set a fresh foundation in many areas concerning my assignment.


In this digital age where communicating with someone is an inbox, direct message or email away it is more accessible than ever to find yourself on the path of some amazing opportunities! I started my image consulting business 2 years ago this May, and I have had the privilege of personal shopping, virtual styling for shoots and special events, coaching, wedding planning, closet organizing, fundraising, event planning, styling clients for career transitions and speaking. I am so grateful for every single company, conference, church and client that I’ve been able to partner with! See the video below for a highlight of year 1! 




The power of social media and digital platforms continues to excite me and remind me how grateful we are to have tools that can instantly connect you with thousands of people. However, what I have also learned on this journey is the importance of saying NO to opportunities that do not align with your assignment. This is a growth lesson – ground that has to be broken up so you can set a firmer foundation. I say that because our natural response to opportunity is usually YES! When we see a set of circumstances that looks positive and has the potential to benefit us, our natural inclination is to follow the path. However, a detour down a rose-colored path can prolong the arrival to your desired destination.


Loss in life creates this transparent opportunity for you to get really clear about your purpose, priorities and participation. As I began to reflect back on decisions I’d made in the 1st year of my business, although most propelled me forward, many of them were rose-colored opportunities that I should’ve said no to because they didn’t align with my assignment.


Your assignment is the purpose for which you were created. In the marketing business, we call this a strategy that is set to reach a pre-determined goal. Once the goal and strategies are set, we then began to layer on tactics – or the specific projects, campaigns and actions we will take which all ladder up to the strategy and are necessary to achieve the goal. In fact, the way we decide if a tactic is a go or not, is by determining if it aligned with the overall strategy.


So how does that correlate to our lives?


Each of us carries a specific life purpose or assignment. Many of us have also been given gifts to achieve that assignment which is always meant to benefit someone else. We are walking solutions to world problems; keys to closed doors; answers to some of life’s toughest questions. So in essence, being distracted down an unintended path not only prolongs success for ourselves but most importantly we miss the significance in impacting the lives of others.


This was me. I needed to re-calibrate and re-focus my perspective which would cause me to by mindful of my participation to ensure I was being purposeful and crystal clear on the priorities are.


Assignments are specific. As believers, we know that God’s calling on our lives isn’t general. I was out here being the Joan of all trades and barely scratching the surface of the efficiency and power of walking in my purpose.


Be intentional. In today’s digital age, there is no shortage of connection to opportunity but reaching the peak of your purpose depends on your focused mindset and the intentional moves you make. Here are 8 important questions to ask yourself that will help you align your perspective and participation with your assignment:





  1. What are my gift/superpowers? What is my purpose?

  2. How do I maximize them in my career and business?

  3. Where do I spend most of my time?

  4. What diminutive thoughts need to be replaced to propel me forward? (“You can’t be big when little got you!” Remove limitation from your mind.)





Does this opportunity align with my assignment?


No: It’s ok to respectfully decline an opportunity in order to focus on your assignment.

Yes: Participate!





  1. How can I spend more of my time operating in my superpowers?

  2. What books, courses or coaching can I invest in to help me continue to develop this area?

  3. Who is in my circle that will help me sharpen my iron?

These questions have helped me to focus my participation and guard my YES with intention and actions that align with my assignment. Obedience releases optimal opportunity. As I’ve committed to aligning my participation with my gifts of speaking, teaching and exhortation, more opportunities that align with my assignment are coming to me.


Best of wishes to you as you prioritize your assignment over opportunities! If you're looking for a coach to help you ensure you are maximizing your assignment within your career and business, let's connect! Please visit the Image Consulting tab to learn more! 




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