Six Letters of Love to my m.o.t.H.e.r.

May 12, 2017



H – Honesty and Humility


Dear Mom,

If you can't handle the truth, don't ask you. You're always honest with others about your beliefs, point of view and feelings... even when they don't conform to popular opinion. I think it takes courage to have that type of approach in all things. I've watched you have crucial conversations that most people would crumble over, but in the end your relationships are better because of the honesty you live by. People respect what you have to say and seek you for advice because they know that the answer they will get will be honesty wrapped in love and humility.

You've taught me that honesty should be tempered by humility so people actually want to hear what you have to say and don't perceive you as a know it all. Your humility allows others to see Christ in your conversation. As John wrote, you decrease so that Christ will increase and be seen.


Here are some lessons on honesty and humility that I’ve learned from you:


1. Honesty and humility are vital to conflict resolution.


2. Just because you’re honest in sharing your opinion it doesn’t mean you’re right.


3. There’s a time and place to share your honesty.


4. Sometimes unsolicited honesty isn’t necessary – you can be right and rude.


5. Making Jesus famous automatically puts us in good standing with the right people.


6. Humility is the result of understanding who God is and who we are in Him – compared to Him we are all filthy rags.


7. Being true to self doesn’t trump The Truth of God’s word.


Thank you for all the lessons you've taught us, love you!

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