Six Letters of Love to my m.O.t.h.e.r.

May 11, 2017



O – order & obedience


Dear Mom –


“Let all things be done decently and in order.” 1 Corinthians 14:40

You made sure we knew this verse; I actually thought it was your quote until I finally realized it’s a Bible verse lol!


I appreciate you teaching me that getting things done is only part of the task, the true effort is in how you get things done. You’ve shown me that there is an order to faith, family, finances and even friendships.


“Get a good education, work and make a good living for yourself, see the world, get married, see the world, have some babies...” You and daddy have shared some version of this order my entire life. There have been plenty of times that I’ve been out of order, but as a young woman, this lesson has always echoed in the back of my mind. There is a divine order to life and building a family that is intended to produce a smoother transition from 2 becoming 1 and then multiplying. At the very same time you taught me compassion and humility, not to look down on those that reversed the family order and not to think highly of myself in pursuit of proper order.

Sometimes it’s hard to pursue proper order because we aren’t obedient to God’s way of living life. Jesus is explicit in His teachings on faith, family, finances and friendships and when submit to His way and are obedient to His word, the order of life becomes easy.


You’ve been a young professional moving from Charleston to Tennessee to pursue your career, a wife that made a new life in Nashville with daddy, a working mom balancing raising us and supporting others as a social worker, an at home mom attentive to our adolescent changing years and a best friend as you’ve supported me in establishing my own order of life as an adult.


I appreciate your example of obedience and order to remain steadfast in prioritizing your faith and family, wise in the stewardship of your finances and selfless and supportive in your friendships.


I love you and know you’re up late, so I hope you enjoy today’s letter of love! See you soon!

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