Six Letters of Love to My m.o.T.h.e.r.

May 12, 2017




T – trust & treasure


Dear Mom –


TGIAF! It’s almost Friday! When I think about how long and rough this week has been it reminds me to be wise in how I spend my treasure and what I even consider treasure. I’m grateful to you for teaching me the balance between pursuit of wealth for tangible accumulation and valuing the treasures of life that money can’t buy. You and daddy and God’s grace have positioned me to experience the tangible treasures of this life at an early age, but you have also helped me understand the pursuit of love, joy, peace, health and righteousness which is true treasure that exceeds any number of commas.


I’ve never seen you chase money or misplace the priority of work to where it takes precedence over family time. You’ve taught me what it means to be ambitious and appropriate, prosperous and purposeful, successful and sacrificial, better and balanced, professional and present. You were always there. You put us before your career. You ensured we always had the absolute best. You made every practice, scrimmage, game, rehearsal and meet. You even took our friends home afterwards. You said no so we could say yes,  and I am so grateful for every sacrifice you have made to ensure that we always knew where your treasure was.


It’s been a blessing to watch you give and give and give to family and friends from clothes to places to stay to cars and everything in between. My prayer is that I will properly prioritize the treasure God places in my possession and utilize the provision He blesses me with to be a blessing to others like you have been to so many.


There is no way to give the way I’ve watched you and daddy give to others without trusting that God is faithful to His promises. Sometimes we place trust in the pseudo security of money, only to realize it leaves our hands like sand. However you’ve taught me that when we place our trust in the One that provides the money we receive AND maintain an open hand to give that same money freely to others, He will provide you with more of it! Bryan, Troy and I have never wanted for anything and it was never because we were rich but always because you were a good steward of your treasure and trusted in the Source of your supply until He made it a surplus! As long as I live you and daddy will never want for anything either. Love you!

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