Six Letters of Love to My M.o.t.h.e.r.

May 10, 2017





M – Mission and Marriage


Dear Mom –


Of all the flowers I can give you, the most fragrant petals I’ll always have to share are the lessons I’ve learned because of the life you’ve lived. My prayer is that these 6 days leading up to Mother’s Day will be days of strength, smiles, peace and mirroring back to you all of the love you’ve poured out in overflow. We – Bryan, Troy, Daddy and I are forever grateful for the matriarch of love that you are.


Over the next 6 days I want share with you 6 truths you’ve taught me and just say thank you! I honor you and love you so much! I thank God that I have the privilege of proximity to know that your life – every day – replicates the commitment to Christ you taught us to have. Your mission and measure is always the Master.


As a woman, these two life lessons – mission & marriage – are probably the most important seeds you’ve sown in me. Your most important mission has always been walking in faith to glorify God and edify His people. Some talk their mission, nowadays we post our mission and find creative ways to display it. The lesson I’ve learned from your life is the power in living your mission. Your faith in Christ inspires me and so many others. Beyond the profession of it, I’ve watched your persistence in it – a faith walk that carries you through a life of caring for others, sacrificing convenience for the sake of service, always supporting daddy’s call to pastoring when it would’ve been completely understandable to miss meetings and multiple services, ensuring we always had the best even if it meant you worked in less than ideal conditions. I’m not sure I’d be able to say I know what a woman of faith tangibly looks like if it hadn’t been for how you are walking through this life – in spite of. Man will always have a say in who you should be, what you should do, advice you should take but you’ve always made your measure in life the Master of life. If He says it, that settles it for you and if He hasn’t good luck trying to convince you! Lol! I love your steadfast, unmovable spirit – most of the time. 😊


The other lesson I’ve been keenly aware of over the last few years especially is a woman’s place in marriage. I’m not sure I’ve ever been challenged more in my life; there are aspects of this marriage walk that you don’t know and can’t even begin to speak on until you’re in it. What I’ve watched from your example is that even your marriage is inextricably linked to and even fueled by your mission. Regardless of what you may think in a moment about daddy, the covenant is with Christ and that keeps you committed. Faith undergirds your feelings and you keep moving forward. How in the world do people do marriage without Christ!? I’ve watched how you support daddy, love him and strengthen him to lead our family. It encourages me to do the same with Joe, to look beyond what I see in the present sometimes and have faith in the covenant I made that God will strengthen the weakness and stand in the gap. People aren’t honest and transparent about marriage, but I’m grateful that you and daddy have always kept it 100 (that means really honest lol) about the work that marriage is and how it will only be as fruitful as our commitment to each other and covenant with Christ, keeping Him at the center.


Thank you for being such a wonderful mother to me – STYLE and Substance personified! You are THE BEST! I love you and look forward to writing you tomorrow.

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