21 Questions in 21 Days of NYC Living!

March 14, 2017



Hello there! Thanks so much for checking out my 1st blog since my move to NYC! I’m slowly, but surely getting into a routine here and look forward to ramping back up on my weekly #STYLEandSubstance blogs! I’ve been planning to blog about my initial experiences during my move and debating whether to blog or vlog and what parts would be most interesting to share. Then it hit me, I’ll just answer the most frequently asked questions I’ve been getting! So here goes:


1. When did you move?

On Sunday, February 19, 2017 I boarded a one-way to LGA!


2. Are you still living in Chattanooga?

No, not full time anymore. I’m there on occasion.



(Shot by Ruthhickman.com in Chattanooga, TN! Surprise, surprise ;-)) 


3. Are you all moved yet?

Not 100%. Our home is currently on the market, so we still have items to move here to NY. To that end, we are back and forth at random times to Tennessee until we 100% transition.


4. What are you doing with all your stuff?

The question of the year! LOL! So, most of it we sold! Let me tell you, that was such a fun experience. Those that know me know I love nice things. I’m a quality over quantity every day of the week kind of woman (and quality doesn’t always mean highest price ;-)) So needless to say, I had a lot of “nice things” at our home in Chattanooga, but at the end of the day they’re just that… THINGS! So as much as I enjoyed them, I was overjoyed to see the smiles they brought to other people’s faces during our estate sale. Now as for my clothes? I’ve purged A LOT, but still have more in TN than I do in NYC… but I’ll speak more to this in question 15!


5. Do you miss Chattanooga?

OMG, YES!!!!!! I LOVE Chattanooga – it is by far the prettiest city in the state. The experiences I’ve had in Chattanooga have been life changing and the people I’ve come to love there have been life giving – so yes I miss Chattanooga, and it will always hold a very special place in my heart. I also love and miss my hometown – NASHVILLE, TN! My heartbeats (The Parents) are in Nashville along with the rest of my framily, so I yes I miss Nashville too!


6. What are you doing in NY now?

Marketing! I accepted an offer to be a brand manager with Pfizer. So I’m doing consumer marketing, and it is so neat!! I’m responsible for 3 huge assets that drive consumer utilization of the brand via field force execution as well as our digital marketing and pharmacy pull through management. That’s a general lens into my responsibilities, more accurately stated… I am LEARNING! Every day, I’m a sponge and filter which I am loving – seeing our business from a totally new lens and sitting at the beginning of the planning of it!


7. Do you work for the same company?

Yes, I’m still with Pfizer, Inc. and SBB ;-)


 (When you work an office job and wear tennis shoes to and from work, you have a shoe drawer at work! :))


8. What area do you live in?

Upper East Side, Manhattan which is super convenient to work, transportation and play!


9. How is NYC?

Amazing! The energy here is palpable, super high energy and always something exciting going on! However, it’s also possible to have quiet moments here (believe it or not lol!) We aren’t far from Central Park and spent a day there a couple weekends ago, and it was so nice… just a super chill day of relaxing outside then we relaxed and watched movies at the house all evening. I miss my family A LOT and making quick trips home to see them, but thankfully there’s technology and I’ve been able to see them more often than not right through this transition period.


10. How is the new job?

Exciting, challenging, BRAND NEW – everything I was wanting and expecting! As I mentioned, I am learning SO MUCH which is truly exciting to me and my top strength! The team I am working on has been very helpful with getting me on board and up to speed! This is my first “office job” which I was a bit apprehensive about at first, but I must say we probably have the most flexible and realistic office norms ever which makes work enjoyable and thus boosts productivity! Everyone is very sharp and talented, and committed to our goals and getting the job done, so it’s a great environment for growth.




 (Super sweet sign from my new team and an edible arrangement from my honey. Oh and on Friday we wear jeans! Lol!)



11. Is NYC everything you thought you would be?

Exciting, a huge transition, challenging and adventurous – Yes it has been! I’ve never lived outside of TN (Nashville, Knoxville, Nashville again then Chattanooga) so I wanted to experience the joys and challenges of living somewhere totally different! With living in Manhattan, everything is so convenient but the trade off is that it’s also so costly. We expected that though and have been planning our funds accordingly. I did not expect the apartment hunt to be as difficult as it was, but that’s a blog all its own! Otherwise, NYC has been everything and more! With only 21 days here so far, there’s so much more to see and experience so I look forward to answering these questions again after I get some months under my belt!


12. Have you seen any celebrities?

Not yet! My husband saw Wale, and I was sad I missed seeing him lol.


13. What do you like most about NY?

Fresh, exciting experiences that will stretch me; my job; career opportunities; grocery delivery; laundry valet (OMG! They wash AND FOLD for you! Lol); options; opportunities to expand SBB


14. What do you like least about NY?

Aside from our family not being here – the cost for space; apartment hunting that’s worse than TN house hunting and higher than TN mortgages. Oh and the city income tax. That’s all! 


(On all my trips back to TN, this has by far been my most memorable neighbor.) 



15. What have you learned from your move?

To be authentic, passionate, persistent and prayerful in the pursuit of your purpose! This move has made me more resilient and patient to trust the process and God’s plan and promise to honor the desires of your heart. Tangibly, I’ve also learned that I really can do more with less! Moving from 10 rooms to 2.5 has been transformative!  This move has reinforced some strengths I thought I had, but now I know.


16. Is it really that expensive?

YES! I would tell anyone to save at least 10k before moving to NYC, especially if you don’t want roommates. Also, expensive is relative because there are some things that I do that are the same price as what I paid in Chattanooga, such as a manicure and pedicure. The experience so far has been well worth the expense! At the end of the day, it’s all about trade offs.


17. How is the weather?

Currently there’s snowstorm STELLA on the way in mid March! Prior to this week though, it’s been pretty mild! Mild as in, I’ve been just fine with my TN coats this season!




18. Do I ever have need of a photog?

Y E S!!!!!! I’m currently looking for a NY based photographer for some upcoming shoots I have for STYLE by Britt! So, if you’re reading this and are great at photography or know someone that is, let’s connect!


 (I do, I do! Let's work!)



19. How is your mom taking you moving to NY?

People always ask about my mom, she’s good and so is my daddy! We talk almost every day!


20. What’s been the biggest surprise since moving?

For others: That I would sell all “my stuff” so easily to move here. I truly believe people are more important than things, and the hardest part of leaving Chattanooga for me was never about the 2800 sq ft of stuff but the bittersweet part was leaving the people we’ve grown to love so much!

For myself: So far, I’ve been most surprised by how pleasant most people have been. NY gets a bad rep for the people being mean, and I’m a firm believer that Christ’s Spirit that’s within me changes atmospheres. So my expectation isn’t that everyone will like me, but that my presence will bring light to dark places and turn frowns upside down. I’m also surprised that we have 1 closet here and have yet to argue about who is hanging what where. LOL!


21. What’s next for SBB?

I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THE OPPORTUNITIES HERE in NY for STYLE by Britt Image Consulting! I am definitely still styling clients for special occasions and have more recently been booking clients on a monthly basis for career personal branding and image consulting, which I love! It’s my absolute joy to assist clients in looking good and living better! Stay tuned for my next STYLE and Substance event for young professionals!


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CHECKING OUR MY 21 Questions after 21 days living in NYC! Want to start your STYLE by Britt experience? It’s as easy as clicking and completing your STYLE profile above!

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