Pause, reflect & buy your own f.l.o.w.e.r.s.

November 29, 2016


Vision and ambition is a blessing, but it can also be a curse. Often times those of us that see things through a lens of continuous improvement can overlook the need to take time to pause, reflect and even celebrate how much we’ve already accomplished!


The constant pursuit to get better, do more, rank higher, expand your impact can sometimes choke out the beauty of what God has already graced you to do!

I had this moment last weekend. Saturday, Nov. 19th was an emotional day for many reasons, but it was also the 6 month mark of launching STYLE by Britt. Throughout the weeks prior, I had so many ideas that I had narrowed down to celebrate this mini milestone but between the vicissitudes of life and looking at what I had yet to accomplish, I allowed myself to actually get down about where I was. In the midst of my wallowing moment, my amazing SBB business partner reminded  me of just how much this infancy brand has accomplished in 214 days:

• 6 months since launch
• 5 STYLE events
• 4 speaking engagements
• 3 states with SBB clients
• 2 media interviews
• 1st of many STYLE & Substance events
• 1 wedding booked
• 1 local outreach project
• 1 international outreach project

G O D IS G O O D!!! When I look at the details of this list and my goals when I went from a soft church launch to fully saying GO on May 19th of this year, all I can say is YES, WE ARE RIGHT WHERE WE NEED TO BE AND I AM SO G R A T E F U L!

Here are some helpful tips to ensure you take time to exhale and embrace your excellence:

F.ollow your plan, but allow room for FLEXIBILITY. Unplanned upgrades can enhance your performance.
L.earn, readjust and MOVE ON. Don’t beat yourself up for mistakes. Every experience is an opportunity to GROW.
O.thers in your core often have a different perspective on your achievements. Seek constant feedback.
W.eekly THINK TIME IS KEY. However and whenever you brainstorm best, allow space and time for it.
E.ffective execution requires goal analysis. TAKE TIME weekly to assess your efforts and results.
R.eward yourself. Set goals and when you reach them, buy your own flowers.
S.tart each day with an attitude of GRATITUDE. Thanks giving includes YOU, be grateful for your successes.

Lastly, here are 4 areas that I try to take note of each week to celebrate mini milestones along the way! In each category, I jot down highlights in the following areas:

Connections: Who did you connect with this week? How were you intentional in strengthening the breadth and depth of your network?
Customers: Did you receive any notable feedback from customers this week? Was there a spike in customer engagement that you can replicate?
Colleagues: What stood out in your interaction with teammates, employees, etc. this week? A solid team is essential to success.
Performance: Was there a spike in your performance this week?
Profit: How are you driving the black? How do you reinvest to scale success?


As we ramp up the to do lists of goals and resolutions for the year to come, don't forget to take time to pause and celebrate how far you've already come!



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