This is motivation (somewhat) and therapy (definitely). Confidence for many, cure for me.


“Unfortunately, …” NO.


Not this school. Not that position. Not this house. Not this particular opportunity. Not that spot. Fill in the blank, but we’ve all had to hear these tough words at some point.


What do we do in these moments?


Feedback? Of course. But at some point, it all starts to sound the same. Restrategize? Absolutely. But, was the breakdown in getting to yes in the strategy or execution. Gratitude for the experience? Always. But let’s be honest, at some point frustration trumps the experience, strategy and feedback. Especially in those moments where you’re at your breaking point, frustration begins to mix with anger, once radical solutions start to seem plausible and you are left with what feels like another brick added to your already breaking back.


What’s the move?


After a series of so many N O responses that you can’t even keep up with the reasons why, HOW DO YOU RESPOND to gather and prepare yourself for the


N.O. = N. e x t  O.p p o r t u n i t y


Here are a few things that I’ve learned about opportunities from the best teacher yet, experience:


1. “There will always be another opportunity.”


One of my mentors shared this with me some time ago, and it’s one of those reminders that resurfaces to help you level your perspective in the moments you need it most. Trust and know, if you are hearing a “no” that means there’s another BETTER N.O. with your name on it. I’ve never heard “no” without getting to a yes that blows my mind. Stay connected to Him that is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we could ask or think... Ephes. 3:20


2. N.ext O.pportunities are earned not forced.


This is key. Every. Single. Opportunity that’s come my way has been a result of work I’ve invested within my gifts. Do you have to put effort into getting where you want to go? Absolutely! Should you try to fit a square into a round hole? Certainly not! Sometimes we force what feels soft and looks shiny in hopes of calling that our N.O. and God says, “NO!” The opportunity that’s meant for you will not pass you and you won’t force a yes, you will work towards one.


3. Nos are required for N.O.s


There are many things – jobs, places, people – that I wanted a yes from/to then that I am so grateful didn’t happen! The hard thing to see at first about “nos” is that you never know in the moment what you’re being shielded from until you reach your N.O!


So STAY ENCOURAGED! In order for your to get to the N.O. with your name on it, you may have to go through some “unfortunately… ” conversations, letters and emails. Just know that YOUR n.ext o.pportunity WILL COME and you will have earned the right to hear YES!


This story is still being written… Stay tuned…








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