Y.E.S! Y.our E.xperience S.hifts

October 25, 2016





Happy Monday! I hope it’s been good to you!


Secret's out! We live in both places. Only a handful of people close to us have known this, but that reality will soon change with our next YES.


Over the last 2 years, I’ve had some pretty huge decisions to make that have left me with experiences that have taught me SO MUCH! From saying yes to the most amazing man that loves me into submission every day and intentionally choosing every day to say I do, to saying no to a dream marketing management job of a billion dollar brand in the city of dream chasers, to saying yes to giving back to Christ the undeserving gifts he’s given to me through ministry leadership, to saying no to the fear of entrepreneurship and yes to the blending of the gift of speaking, the passion of teaching and the joy of bringing the best out of others whether it's choosing an outfit, decorating a space or building a personal brand.


I’ll never forget sitting in a Marshawn Evans Daniels "Godfidence Business School" speakers conference and having this intuitive thought finally sink in…  EVERY TIME you say YES to a situation (relationship, job, city of residence, date, etc.) you open the door to a shift in your experience. The opposite then is also true, that every time you say NO you’re choosing to remain in the position that is current, clear, comfortable and convenient for you.


Here are 3 questions I’ve learned to ask before saying YES:


1. Does the immediate sacrifice that comes with YES eliminate a valuable priority?


Your YES will come with a COST. This has been a tough lesson. Whether it is moving from friends, making less or more, leaving family, etc. there is always a trade off.  This isn’t a bad thing though because taking risks is ESSENTIAL to positive evolution; getting uncomfortable is NECESSARY for GROWTH. However, nobody can answer this question for you but you… Is it worth it? Here’s how you know… if the cost of your YES requires you to completely sacrifice a valuable priority, that  cost may outweigh the benefit FOR YOU.  Again, I can’t stress enough that this is an individual analysis you have to make because the values of others will often differ.


2. Will I be okay in 1 year with what I had to say no to because of my YES?


Immediate results may vary… no, really. The immediate cost you make may initially seem alright, but will it be after 12 months? What I’ve learned is that our initial response to circumstances isn’t always indicative of our long term stance. Your decision may have you torn up and literally grieving initially, but with some time, and honest introspection will the positive shift in your experience outweigh your current predicament. If the answer is YES, DO IT!


3. Is there a growth opportunity with this YES?


This is key! We are always evolving, never staying the same. We are either getting better or worse. Will that YES come with progressive growth in your relationship, career, happiness, etc.? 


I wouldn’t change any of my experiences over the last 2 years! It’s been an adventurous ride living in low key, BEAUTIFUL Chattanooga and the concrete jungle of  EXCITEMENT that is New York City.


Our next Yes is coming! It will shift us. It will shape us. But most importantly we will GROW and BECOME BETTER! Stay tuned! ;-D


What are you saying YES to?



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