The Faith of Friends

September 27, 2016


It's been a beautiful Monday! Often times the motivation we need to press forward in our own lives comes through the faith walk of our friends.

I am so incredibly inspired by the faith of this woman and her husband. I won't share details of their journey, because it isn't my story to tell. However I will share that my heart is so full after meeting their beautiful baby girl today.

Oftentimes what we are believing God for doesn't come in the time frame or exact wrapping we want. So when we see a situation that doesn't match our picture perfect expectations... We pray, yes, but then we pick up our petitions, with our short sighted plans and then pout when progress pauses and pain persists. That is the antithesis of this couple's response.

Here's what their faith walk has taught me:

1. Pray and then leave it there. Oftentimes our blessing comes when we aren't planning for it. If we trust God the way we say we do, our actions should match. So when we pray, we should BELIEVE His will will be done and that is always GOOD. 

2. Press forward through the pain. I've literally watched an unbelievable display of PRESSING THROUGH. I know their journey hasn't been easy, but if they didn't share that verbally you would never know it. Still praising. Still prayerful. Still serving. Still hopeful. And always with a smile and encouraging word.

3. Praise prepares us for His promise. In the midst of what has been a painful journey, I've always been amazed at how faithfully they've served in ministry ALWAYS speaking well of God and honoring Him from the praise team to youth ministry, even in the midst their personal struggles.

So, thank you for motivating me! You're a wonderful reminder that God puts people in our lives to stretch us to look more like Him. Look for the God in those around you and allow the faith of others to bring out the best in you! #STYLEbyBritt#mondaymotivation #SBBmicSTYLE


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