September 20, 2016



11/11/2015 the first time I ever stepped foot in The Next Door Chattanooga. I met with Cindy, the lead for volunteer partnerships at the time, to coordinate an outreach event around Christmas for our girls mentoring ministry. I asked the Co-Chair to come along as well as another mentor that used to work for TND.  We were given a tour and complete overview of the program, my heart was so full at the immense opportunity to serve alongside this organization. There was an instant connection in the eyes of the women I saw that spoke so loudly to the fact that any one of us could be walking in their shoes. 


After realizing girls wouldn't be the best fit, the mentors and I shared the opportunity with Women's Ministry to partner with TND. 


Shortly after the launch of STYLE by Britt in May of this year, I saw a clear path for partnership with TND. 


The end of June 2016 I reached out to Cindy again to let her know I was planning a pop up boutique event, and wanted to donate the remaining items to their clothing closet. So that as clients purged their closets, there would be a direct way to positively impact other women that could use what we would remove. She informed me there was a new lady in the volunteer partnerships role, and on July 6th I met Summer.


Those that know me well, know when I see an open door to make immediate impact, I don't drag my feet.


I shared my vision for this pop up boutique luncheon, for ladies in the community to come out for the fun, food and fashion but also establish some deeper connections and engage in community outreach for women very much like us that ended up in an unfortunate circumstance. She loved the idea, and invited me to do a workshop series for the ladies with one of my #micSTYLE series, "Dressing for Your Next Level." This would prepare the ladies with focusing on their inward beauty, self esteem, conservative dressing and fashion tips for the huge blessing coming to their clothing closet after this event!


The bottom line for #STYLEbyBritt is significance. If I can bring love and light to transform someone else's life, that for me is success. We didn't pocket one penny of the 54 registered attendees for Women of STYLE and Substance. Instead we connected women AND men from various businesses and backgrounds around the Chattanooga area to bring a first class, authentic and value added event to the city and provide resources for women that will be so blessed by your generosity.


Saturday's welcome began with gratitude because despite the doubts that tried to raise their head in my mind during the planning, every Chattanooga company I asked to donate said yes. People that I didn't even know encouraged others to attend and promoted the event as if their name was on the line. Ladies paid their registration to come from Chattanooga to Birmingham to Nashville to Columbia. Models contacted me to ask to participate in the fashion show. I am SO GRATEFUL for the way you all have poured out of your hearts with no expectation of return.


As I reflect on how thankful I am to EVERYONE that played a role in Saturday's success, I can't help but look back at the words of the women blessed by YOUR generosity and pray their lives will be changed by the love you've show!


"STYLE by Britt has helped me by showing me how to cover up and still be stylish and remain a lady with tips I didn't have any idea about."


"You're have truly blessed my spirit! Thank you for your time, energy, love and wisdom. Because of you, I can go forth in confidence- both spiritually and appearance. I love all your good energy, positive quotes and affirmations. You allows us to encourage one another while celebrating ourselves. You are an amazing, Godly woman."


"Thank you for giving me more confidence and teaching me how to dress my body type! You have been a blessing to me! Thank you for your time."


And 39 more inspiring messages of confirmation!


Thanks so much to each of you that donated to these women and huge thanks to Soma Intimates for the 3 huge boxes of bras for the ladies of TND! I had a BLAST doing what I love with people that showed so much love and selfless sacrifice to make Saturday a success!




I pray the Lord has been pleased, and look forward to all He has in store as we pursue significance and success follows! Enjoy the gallery of photos of my 2 nights styling the models at White House Black Market and guest photos posted online, plus a few photographer photos from the event! More professional photos from Southern Charm foto coming soon!

#STYLEbyBritt #mondaymotivation #micSTYLE





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