Divine Detours

September 13, 2016

Divine Detours


I’m driving through construction early this morning. Two hour commute. Music on.  Listening to Israel and New Breed “If Not For Your Grace.” Reflecting on the last 9 months (that are enough for a novel series), and I just began to pray “Lord, please close any door, block any road, disrupt any invitation and remove any opportunity that isn’t meant for me, from You.”


Have you every prayed that prayer? Not a list of wants, but a removal of options for clarity of His will? Even if that means taking the long way around and being inconvenienced to ensure the path you take is the one in His will.


As the days fly by, the months change and I’m blessed to add another year, I realize the older we get the more IMPACT our decisions have. Big ones, and even the seemingly small ones. We are often faced with many paths to get to our planned destination, however we have to get to a place in our faith walk where we can distinguish what’s good from what’s GOD!


Just because there’s a clear path or the opportunity on the other side of the door looks good, it doesn’t mean that opportunity is from God.


Proverbs 19:21 states Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand. The purpose is often in the process! Most of the time we think the aha moment is reaching the destination, but God ensures just the right amount of redirects, calling us to Him first, so that we are prepared to fulfill His purpose and bless His people.


Have you ever considered that roadblock, closed door or rejection may be a divine denial, taking you on a detour for predestined purposed?? That’s why we must have an attitude of gratitude that in ALL THINGS we will give thanks, confident in God’s promises that ALL things, even the detours, work together for GOOD to those that love God and are called according to (not our fast track plan) HIS PURPOSE! Romans 8:28


3 tips while traveling on your divine detour:

  1. Hear His voice: We spend time talking to God, but do we allow Him to talk back to us? His WORD (how He speaks to us) is a lamp to our feet & a light to our path. You may be on a detour, not knowing exactly what way you’re turning next but as long as you are hearing His voice You will reroute back to your direct path. Too much static (SIN) can hamper our ability to hear His voice. That’s another post for another Monday, but prayer is the major key with that one.

  2. Have a vision: Where were you headed in the first place? Make it plain, hear and heed His voice before, during and after knowing that ultimately His plans prevail! That is good news!

  3. Have hope in His history of victory: That’s enough right there! Has God ever failed? NO! And He isn’t starting with you and because we are in Him WE ARE VICTORIOUS!

So trust His process. Be open to the detours. Whisper a prayer of thanks in those moments knowing that your next roadblock redirection is really a rescue!

“Where would I be if not for Your grace carrying me in every season...” STYLEbyBritt #SBBmicSTYLE #Mondaymotivation

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