Purposed for Where You're Planted

August 30, 2016

Purposed for Where You’re Planted


Did you get uncomfortable today?


This is one of the many questions we should ask ourselves at the end of each day.


We have an automatic proclivity to people, places and even professional positions that make us comfortable! However, oftentimes the foundation of our purpose takes root in discomfort. This is where growth happens!


Many of us (ME!) kick, scream and rush to move out of the places we are sent to get to "better" when our predestined progression hinges on producing right where we've been planted!


How many times have you thought ... if I could just get this job... if I lived in that city... if I was in a relationship with that person... things would be better. Would they really, though?


When we find ourselves at a crossroad of sticking it out where we are or moving to greener pastures, which road do we choose? Stay or leave? Comfort or pressure?  Perpetual praise or constructive criticism?


I don't believe in coincidence, and I know that light needs darkness to shine and salt needs blandness to add flavor. So guess what? That place that you're in that seems so unbearably uncomfortable, before you pack your bags for the next best ______ ask yourself, "Have I fulfilled God's purpose for where He's planted me?"


We are planted to be:


Salt: To preserve or enhance. We won't get too deep. Bottom line is our divine expectation is to preserve the world from moral decay by protecting what is good!  We also enhance by being a seasoning agent, bringing the distinctive flavor of God's character, precepts and values to where we've been planted to help others see that life with Christ is palatable! Are you a positive influence or have you allowed your situation to excuse you losing your saltiness?


Light:  The truth of Jesus Christ expressed through good deeds that are evident and point back to the source! Our presence alone because of the Holy Spirit should bring hope, truth and light to where we are planted. Where there is discord, we are to be peacemakers; where there is hatred we are there to be love; and where sorrow exists, we should ministers of hope in Christ!


Filter: What can you learn from where you are? Sometimes we think where we are planted  is only about others, when really and truly God wants to develop something new in us. Most people say be a sponge, but sponges soak up any and all contents you put them in and if they aren't washed they end up STINKING! (OMG!) Be a filter... hold fast to those experiences, conversations and people that add value and let the filter catch and dispose of the mess.


So when you find yourself at that crossroad of wanting to uproot where God has planted you, be sure to:


1. Maximize the moment before you move. You’ve been purposed to that place to be salt, light and filter. Have you fulfilled your assignment?


2. Invest in intentional introspection. No one can answer those questions better than YOU! Before you scroll, pick up the phone or Google, spend time seeking God and looking within.


When you come to that uncomfortable crossroad and people see you operating as salt and light or a filter in your situation, maximizing the moment and seeking God before you move, your works will glorify the FATHER which is in heaven! Matthew 5:13-16 


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