Connections: From Looking Good to Living Godly

August 23, 2016


What and to whom are we connected to?


We all love a good connect! Ever had a friend that worked for your favorite hotel, clothing store or airline? Discount! Or how about that person on the inside of the company you want to work for that gets your resume to the right person to get your foot in the door. Network!


The answer to this first question literally shapes our results in life.


Do those connections just ensure we are looking good in the mirror and to other people or are they stretching us to live Godly?

The answer to this second question literally shapes our destiny.


Often times we only want to connect with people that can help us get to where we think is next. Our aim is that they will make us look good. But are we just as committed to connections that help us live Godly?

Many know the story of Ruth, but often fast forward through and miss the connection, career and covenant revelation to get to BOAZ! :) However, one of the most beautiful passages of scripture is Ruth 1:16. Ruth is relentlessly connected and makes Naomi's God her God and this connection shapes her destiny not only in her love life but also her career!


How so? Ruth teaches us HOW TO GET PROMOTED:


1. Connect with those who help you live Godly. Ruth went from famine to favor with God. Our  connections with others should sharpen our iron to live more in His will because He brings promotion to those in position!


2. Commit to the work in your current role. Here is my favorite part of the whole story!!!!!!! Ruth asks Boaz why he has noticed her and is choosing to bless her since she's a foreigner. He responds in Ruth 2:11 that it's already been fully REVEALED to him all that she has done! Listen! When you make connections that help you live Godly and you are faithful in the work you are doing now (Ruth 2:7), you don't have to worry about jockeying for position, chasing anyone down, or worrying what's next! Your promotion will come from God!


Looking good is great, but living Godly is better! I encourage you to connect with people that help you do both! I just returned home from an AMAZING conference this weekend  by a ministry EVERY YOUNG WOMAN should connect with... SAVED IN THE CITY!!!!! I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH again to my friend and Saved in the City Founder, Brittany Morton for the invitation to speak! Your love, sincere heart and faithful leadership is truly appreciated! DeLisha Clemons & Kwandia Mayberry thank you for serving so selflessly!  You removed every obstacle and even the small steps that weren't even obstacles so I could walk up and share what God gave me with the group. Thank you so much! Lastly, to the entire Saved in the City Team of Leaders and Volunteers YOU ARE AWESOME! Thank you for your service! It was such a blessing to see so many souls saved and spirits set free! CONGRATULATIONS on God PROMOTING Saved in the City with a resolution from the Mayor of Huntsville that August 19th will officially be Saved in the City Day in Huntsville!!!! Wow! 


If you're looking for people to help you live Godly check out Saved in the City! There are life groups that meet each week in Huntsville, Nashville, D.C. and Atlanta!


Check out the gallery of photos from the weekend and to see who our #SBBatSITC Giveaway winner was! Thanks to everyone for stopping by my table and showing so much love! Have an awesome week and GET CONNECTED to people that help you live Godly and get ready for God's promotion!!!




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