Celebrating Beyond Your Own Success

August 16, 2016




Guess what day it issss!!!! HAPPY MONDAY!! Welcome to this week’s #Mondaymotivation #micSTYLE


The Olympics has truly been exciting this year, and the US Women’s Gymnastics Team has been a huge part of that!


Now let me cut to the chase... Simone Biles & Gabby Douglas. I've struggled to write this one all day because there are so many angles, but I'm going to approach this from the obvious ones based on my life experiences as a black woman. Although those descriptors may be met with an eye roll by some, those are 2 distinct and obvious characteristics that shape my life experiences, so for me they are important and undeniable.


Two women of color can work hard in the same category and still be celebrated during success and championed through struggles!


This point goes beyond race, but it honestly stings all the more when women of color fail to celebrate and champion each other especially while blazing a trail for others! I've seen so many cruel comments from her hair to her performance, and it's almost as if it is because there are 2 on the team, one has to be celebrated and the other cast aside. There were comments about Gabby’s hair in 2012 in London, but not the picking apart she’s endured alongside the rise of Simone Biles.


Nothing is more telling of your character than


1. how you celebrate others in their success and


2. how you champion them through their struggles.


The first part is easy, right? It always is until you are celebrating the success of others working in the same category as you. Then it starts to feel like competition, like someone has to win and lose. But why is that? Yes there's only 1 gold medal, and I get that, however in life this type of attitude is toxic. There's enough room for your win and the person next to you! Matter of fact, why not COLLABORATE! We shouldn’t let people pitch us against one another because there can only be one _______. Prove. Them. Wrong! If I'm in my season of success, I'm looking to build others up as I rise! If celebrating others blocks your climb then you aren't really rising. I love what Gabby says about Simone, “To me Simone is very calm, and I try to feed off that… we’re like sisters.”


Now for the second part, those struggles… We all saw Gabby’s performance, and we have all been there. Seasons change, and sometimes you don’t win every battle or ace every test but the difference always lies in the support of those around you to stand as an ally in those moments to push you through your struggles. Gabby’s mom was on air defending her daughter today as I’m sure most moms would.


My hope is that for both Simone and Gabby, they are able to genuinely celebrate one another and support the way that each in their own right has helped paved the way for little girls to see themselves as Olympic gymnasts!


Whether you’re in a season of success or struggle, will you genuinely celebrate others? 


Let’s do it!


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