Thriving Through Transitions

August 8, 2016


In between... jobs, relationships, career promotion, college majors, relocation, last name change, unemployment, pregnancy, and the list goes on. If we are progressing, we are almost always living life through a transition! 


Whether they are positive transitions such as a career promotion or pregnancy or a seemingly negative one such as a death or divorce, they almost always bring some level of stress. I'm a firm believer that proper prior preparation prevents poor performance! If we can agree that we are almost always going through some level of transition, then we can also agree that preparing for them will help us not only to survive the change but to thrive through it!


Here are 8 steps to help us do just that:


T.hankful thoughts: Any transition is an opportunity to be thankful for the experience of the past! Positive or negative, our experiences are our best lessons! Shift your paradigm to one of thanksgiving!


H.ealthy habits: Change is inevitable, so we must manage our stress through it. Make time to exercise to reduce stress and make positive thoughts and speech a habit. What's the BEST CASE scenario?


R.eflect: Take time for reflection and introspection to be sure of your next move. Remember what you're leaving behind as you move forward and only take with you what's positive as you progress.


I.ntentional: never confuse movement with progress. Be purposeful in your transitions and know that sometimes progress is lateral. Depth of experience is often times just as important as breadth of experience.


V.isualize: Speak it. SEE IT. Seize it. See yourself getting to your best self through the transition.


I.nterest intensity: This one is key, especially for career moves. How passionate are you about the next area you are pursuing? Are you just transitioning because the money is good? Are you advancing the relationship because your history is long? If you don't have an intense passion for and interest in your next, it will challenge the transition.


N.avigate a new normal: Thriving will require strategic navigation. This is an opportunity to purge, reset and create a new normal. A new beginning with fresh experiences awaits!


G.ratitude: Make this your attitude! Book end your transition with thanksgiving and gratitude and you will definitely thrive through it!




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