Leadership Lessons from Donald Trump

August 2, 2016


In the words of Winston Churchill, “We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind.”

Amused. Appalled. Astonished. Angry. All accurately  describe the matriculation of emotion at the aberrant things Donald Trump has said during his political campaign for the U.S. Presidency. What equals or dare I say, trumps that level of emotion is researching and reflecting on the mass following Donald Trump has generated during his candidacy.

As both conventions have closed and we have a significant majority of Americans that are willing to follow the leadership of Donald Trump, it begs the question in my mind…

Are there aspects we can we learn and apply in our everyday lives from Mr. Trump?

America hasn’t fired him yet, and he’s built a following to land him as the Republican nominee for President out of what was seemingly and not too long ago amusingly NOTHING. So what can we learn?

4 Leadership Lessons you can apply, from Donald Trump (DT)

1.      Self-confidence is key: A high level of self-confidence is essential in any leader. As the cliché goes, whether YOU THINK you can or can’t YOU ARE RIGHT! DT doesn’t doubt anything about himself! I mean have you seen this man in interviews? He says the wrong and most absurd things with so much confidence, if you watch long enough you may start doubting yourself! Yes, there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, but without the former you never get to #2.

2.     Just START! Right where you are, with exactly what you have fully confident in gaining what you need along the journey! I just blogged about this point, but DT gives this a whole new meaning because often times we stay stuck in neutral because we think we don’t have enough experience to begin. Which leads me to #3…

3.    Experience is relative: take the risk! 
LISTEN! If you catch nothing else, grab this! Everyone thought DT’s campaign was a long shot, but here’s what he has proven… If you wait for someone else to qualify your experience before you can walk into your next level you will remain right where you are unaware of your potential progress! DT has ZERO POLITICAL EXPERIENCE. Null, nada, zilch, NONE… and because of that many of us were amused at the thought that he would last long. Well ladies and gentlemen, this has become a serious matter. DT is a viable candidate as your 45th President. Why? Because he leveraged the experiences he has and didn’t think twice about the ones he didn’t bring to the table. As we are journeying through our professional careers, learning to leverage the experiences you DO have without questioning your own readiness for what’s next IS A MUST! Apply for that job, post for that promotion! Have courage in your convictions and your experiences towards your next move! *encouraging myself!*

4. Align advocates with unwavering support: One thing we know well about DT is the power of influence and a strong network of advocates. Now, what are advocates? I’m glad you asked. They are NOT supporters, they are a cut above. Ooh wee, scoot in close…
Supporters cheer for you when you’re at the table, advocates ensure you have a seat. Now don’t get me wrong, you need both. However, advocates actively seek opportunities on your behalf when you aren’t even in the room. They have influence, and they’re talking when you can’t. They are difference makers, bridge builders and gap fillers. I’ve watched countless interviews where DT advocates affirm, defend and leverage some of the most outrageous remarks… and that kind of network has built his networth of political positioning for Presidency.

There is always a lesson to learn in any situation, and with these handful of lessons from DT we are well on our way to getting to our next level, the right way.

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