Winning Against All O.D.D.S!

June 21, 2016


So this Monday shouldn’t need too much motivation thanks to the FINALS GAME 7!


There are so many motivational nuggets in this historical Championship victory by the Cavaliers! Let’s just run the list of my top 3:


1. Winning requires a well balanced TEAM. YOU NEED a solid team to win!


Who is making clutch moves in your circle?


We watched the Cavaliers and the Warriors not just James and Curry. Often times we confuse winning in life as being a solo event. Rarely ever is this the case. We win in life just like King James & the Cavs won when we have a circle that complements our efforts to push us towards greatness! No Kyrie Irving last night, no championship for King James and the Cavs. Teamwork makes dreams work.

2. Winning results require a winning mentality and strategic moves. Mindset shifts matter!

If you believe the naysayers, if you look at the obstacles and only focus on what can’t be, you will never win. Lebron James said it best:


Winning Mentality:

“Against all odds! I don’t know why the man upstairs gives me the hardest role… (He) doesn’t put you in situations you can’t handle and I just kept that same positive attitude. Like instead of saying why me, saying this is what He wants me to do.” -LJ

Strategic shifts:

“I locked in… changed my approach… I wasn’t that good (the first 2 games) but I detailed it out… changed my blueprint.” -LJ



3. People will ridicule, let your results do the talking!


Major moves will have people looking like Dan Gilbert last night “Excuse me, I didn’t hear you” 😂

Gilbert and the rest of the naysayers had to eat every harsh word ever said about LeBron last night . Even after the spectacular win, Gilbert STILL couldn’t bring him self to commend LeBron James for his leadership of the Cavs victory. Regardless, his contribution and results are undeniable. We can’t get caught up in what other people say and refuse to say about us - friends, bosses, coworkers, frenemies and even family. They are no match for you when you make up in your MIND you’re determined to excel and yield positive results against all O.D.D.S.:


Obstacles: Anticipate and strategize over them. As Lebron James says, it may require you to “change your blueprint”


Distractions: Flee from them and refocus.


Delays: Learn from them. They’re not always denials.


Sideline spectators: Check out where they are, not in the game or even on the bench. Use their talk as fuel and let your actions speak!


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