You wouldn’t have met a little girl more shy than me growing up. I cried like a newborn on Easter, right before walking into church as my mother (daddy would let me off the hook :)) made me say my 1 line as the sun 😣😂 in the Easter play in front of the whole church! Little did I know when this picture was taken, that my gift was in my mouth and in the moments of teaching and speaking God would remove the shyness, anxiety and tension. Shift.


Proverbs 18:16 
A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great


Do you realize the gift you’re sitting on is fully loaded?!?!?


God has graced each of us with a gift, and it is what we are purposed to be known for! Notice that scripture doesn’t say your education, your network, your savings account… all of those are great and in many ways necessary. However, there are many prosperous, intelligent socialites that are not fulfilled and busy chasing opportunities because there’s been no GIFT shift.


It is in exercising our GIFTS that we find fulfillment, contentment, purpose and even prosperity!

Lastly, when we allow God’s grace and our GIFTS to make room instead of maneuvering the shift in position ourselves, we don’t have to worry about qualifications, justifications or even haters’ reservations. Exercising THE GIFT in faith will create connections, growth and opportunities that will blow your mind!!! Even shifts IN YOU! There is still a streak of shyness that runs through me, but every time I have a mic in my hand, He removes all doubts! So walk in your GIFTS with the boldness and courage of Christ and remember:


G.enerous: freely give. Exercising your GIFT shouldn’t always come with a price tag.


I.ntegrity: don’t just do it well, do it right. When eyes are watching, but most importantly when they’re not for therein lies the difference.


F.ocus: be prayerful in your YES and purposeful in your NO. Allow God to show you His will for your GIFT.


T.iming: whew! I could write another one on this. Gifts make room for your vision and the vision IS FOR AN APPOINTED TIME.


S.tewardship: God owns and gave the GIFT, so honor Him with it.


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