Take the R.I.S.K.

June 7, 2016


There are 2 people that walked on Earth AND water. Jesus and Peter. Jesus was fully God, so of course… but Peter… my man! Matt. 14:28, 29 He took the risk… that first step, that’s so audacious that it can sometimes paralyze us in fear. Are you still in the boat or are you taking the risk to sink or be in a league all your own, walking on water!

If you only take 1 pearl away from this post, remember that taking risks leads to success. Even with the roadblocks and obstacles that will come, thoughtful risk taking in ministry, business, relationships, finances and professionally open the door for a shift in your experience that you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

What is that goal, idea, aspiration, business venture, relationship, degree, trip, purchase, relocation that you have been wanting to say yes to but you haven’t because the risk seems too big?

Here are some R.I.S.K. tips as we all step out of the boat:

R.eadiness is Relative: READY OR NOT! If you’re waiting until you’re “ready” you will always be waiting. The reward of risk taking comes to those that realize you must start before you’re ready because life’s circumstances can make you feel “ready” today and not by next week. So step out the boat, fix your focus on Christ and plan to walk on water.

I.ntentional Moves: BE INTENTIONAL! Create an execution plan and stick to it. From who you connect with to how you spend your time. You may not have all the answers, but you can be strategic in executing with what you do have.

S.et Deadlines & Boundaries: FOR YOURSELF! These will keep you on task and in your walking on water zone. Boundaries help you identify who, when and what to say NO to. If it doesn’t align with your execution plan/mission/vision the answer is no. The bigger the risk the broader the boundary.

K.eep Climbing! Once you take the risk and STEP OUT, God WILL place people in your path to get you where you’re going! You must take the first step and once you do, you’ll meet those that will help you evolve and elevate as you rise to the top!


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